Cowboys WR Whitehead says his dog is being held for ransom

Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead is pleading for the public’s help in finding his puppy that he says was stolen from his home in Addison.

Whitehead explained in an Instagram post that a friend was taking care of Blitz last Sunday on July 19 while he was out of town. The wide receiver says someone broke into his house he was renting to steal his American Bully pup and is holding him for ransom.

The Cowboys star has had the 16-week-old puppy for less than two months but says he's spent a lot of his offseason with him and has even taken him to the lake and watched him grow.

Whitehead is convinced this is happening to him because he is a Dallas Cowboy and whoever stole Blitz is messing with his head.

“It's sickening. I know the dog is confused,” he said. “It's killing me just because I wasn't there to protect him. It's just hard.”

Whitehead says his friend was housesitting when the burglary happened. His friend told him he left for a bit and returned to find Bltiz’s cage open and nowhere to be found. Eight pairs of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Giuseppes shoes were also missing.

Whitehead quickly booked a flight home. He was at the airport when he got the first call.

“I got a blocked phone call,” he recalled. “Soon as I answered it, they said, 'How much for the dog? How much is the dog worth for you?'”

Whitehead says those calls came at odd hours over the next 48 hours. The caller taunted him, telling him to ask Jerry Jones for the money.

“They called me superstar one day,” he recalled. “They said, 'What's up superstar? You going to cut the check or what?'”

By Tuesday, Whitehead was ready to offer $10,000 for Blitz’s safe return.  He told the dog-nappers to first show him that his puppy is fine. They told him they would call him back and hasn’t heard from them since.

Whitehead says Addison police dusted the home for fingerprints. There is no surveillance video.

Blitz hadn't been microchipped yet. Whitehead says he had an appointment to get that done two days after Blitz was taken.

“I'm disgusted. Whoever it is, they got a personal problem,” he said. “Return the dog. I don't care who it is. I don't care who got it. It all can be over with.”

Blitz has made several appearances in Whitehead’s Instagram posts.


A post shared by Lucky Whitehead (@luck2fast) on

The American Bully even has his own Instagram account called @blitz2fast.

Whitehead asks anyone that may have information on his puppy should contact him immediately.

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