Dog with eyes, muzzle duct-taped left for dead in far northwest Houston

- What’s no longer cared for and on the verge of being forgotten ends up here in the 800 block of Rushcreek between Spears and Ella Boulevard.

Sometimes it gets cleaned up.

“Say within a month or two the dumping starts back up again,” said HPD officer V.E. Rogers.

One of the most recent things to be dumped here was breathing and had a heart.

“She was sitting here pretty much barely moving,” Rogers said.

The heartless soul who left her here to die didn’t want her to see a way out or realize what fate had in store for her.

“Had duct tape over her eyes,” Rogers said. “Bleeding appeared to be from the inside out and looked like some kind of infection going on in her lower legs.”

“She’s got some severe injuries she’s overheated,” said Sgt. Christine Kendrick with Precinct 1.

No one knew it at the time but this would be her last meal.

Shortly after arriving at the SPCA a vet there discovered that her skull had been crushed and she had to be euthanized.

“It’s a very bad situation when a dog is done in this manner or any animal,” said Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman.

The Precinct 4 Constable’s Office is now investigating.

“We at precinct 4 have already began to circulate photographs of the dog around some of those communities to find out who the dog belonged to,” Herman said.

For a little while it looked like the dog was going to get another chance.

Maybe even finally find someone to love her.

Now there’s only one bright spot.

No one can ever hurt her again.



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