Firefighters rescue dog stuck between sidewalk, house foundation in CA

- A dog in California learned a terrifying lesson on what it means to be stuck between a rock and hard place.

The female fox terrier, named Lily, got trapped between the sidewalk and a home's foundation in Petaluma. She was possibly trying to fit into the small hole to get underneath the house.

“It's about a three-inch gap but it was able to get its right paw all the way down to the elbow. And when the dog tried to pull itself free there was a piece of rebar or some type of metal that was wedged into the right arm so it wouldn't let it come loose,” explained Mark Scott from Petaluma Animal Services.

Rescue crews were able to free her, but not without tearing up much of the sidewalk. You can hear the terrified dog yelping as Petaluma firefighters chipped away at concrete.

They used towels and a leash to shield Lily from the debris flying around her.

“The homeowner says the dog has been chasing mice and may have got itself in there, tried to reach for it, a little out of its range,” Scott said. “It's a very happy family right now.”

Officials believe Lily was stuck for about an hour before she was finally freed.

Animal services says the dog should be OK but did advise the homeowner to take her to the vet anyway.

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