Orlando band honors frontman killed at Pulse with unity

- "Complete torture. It's disheartening, worrying because until we actually found out he was deceased we had no idea where he was," said friend Javan Jones.

But Monday evening, his family-in-song tried to put the horror aside and celebrate his life. Part of that life was his leadership in Frequency and his ability to unite people with music.

"He was far away from his family and he brought us all together and made a family out of us" said bandmate
Wally Aleman.

His voice was full of souls and power, with a range with which many could not compare. Similar was his friendship and love among himself and his friends. And his friends said that's what they'll miss most. They say if anyone would want them to stick together, it would be Shane.

"We plan on still rocking. We'll just be a lot different with him not there. You know what I'm saying?" Bandmate Christopher Baptiste said.

Music drove 34-year-old Shane Tomlinson's life, and music played the soundrack of his life after his death.

Tomlinson was the leading member of the Orlando-based band, Frequency. The group performed all over the state. Shane's final time on stage came just hours before a terrorist killed 49 people and killed scores more at the nightclub, Pulse.

Until Monday morning, the singer's bandmates, family and friends frantically searched for him. It was not long before they found he was one of the 49.

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