WATCH: Multiple waterspouts form off Florida beach

- It's not unusual to catch a waterspout on camera, but to watch as it makes landfall and then see three more forming behind it - that doesn't happen every day!

That's what happened in Pensacola Beach Wednesday afternoon and Christopher Wade caught it all on camera.

Wade said he was driving from Fort Walton Beach when he saw the waterspout in the distance off the coast of Nevarre Beach.

The waterspout was out in the Gulf of Mexico for a good 10-15 minutes, he said, when he finally decided to find a place to pull over and get video of it.

The waterspout is seen moving closer and closer toward the beach, and then finally it appears to make landfall nearby and eventually dissipate. Wade said that it reformed shortly after and continued over water.

While it's not unusual to see waterspouts in Florida, he saw a second one already formed behind it and two others forming. "I knew seeing so many at one time is pretty rare," he said.

It was very dark outside and Wade said he was watching several cells converge on his weather radar app. "I was on the south end of the storm," he said. "I didn't feel like I was in any danger." 

After the storm passed, it was a regular beautiful beach day, he said.

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