Group creates Disney inspired wigs for young cancer patients

A program dedicated to bringing “magic” into the lives of young cancer patients is going viral Wednesday. 
The Magic Yarn Project enlists volunteers who create princess inspired wigs for young patients who love dress up.   
The project’s website says “from surgery to radiology to chemotherapy and all the side effects in between, battling cancer is a long and painful journey. While not the most severe of side effects, hair loss can still be very difficult for cancer patients, especially little girls.”
Organizers say cancer treatments often leave patients' bare scalps very sensitive and wearing traditional wigs is often too painful and uncomfortable for those undergoing treatments and this is why you often see cancer patients wearing beanies and scarves: they need something soft and comfortable to cover and keep their heads warm. 
Magic Yarn says its mission is to create beautiful wigs for little cancer patients nationwide with the help of volunteers such as yourself. 
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