Bill allowing guns on campus clears another hurdle

- A bill that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry on Florida's college campuses is moving along in the Florida House after passing a Higher Education  & Workforce Subcommittee on Wednesday.

“These are people with families, these are people who work, these are people who take night classes these are people who are traveling late sometimes long distances, to get and education, these people should not be told they can't protect themselves,” said Eric Friday with Florida Carry.

Some students at University of Central Florida, however, are hesitant to embrace the idea of people being armed while walking around on their campus.

“I wouldn't feel safe, knowing that anybody has a gun because, at any time if a student feels that he should use it even if it's not for a valid reason, then he would just be able to pull it out and start shooting,” said UCF student Miriam Harriage.

During Wednesday’s  subcommittee meeting Rep. Greg Steube,  R–Sarasota,  who sponsored the bill, argued it's not the guns that are the problem. 

"Gun free zones don't stop anyone from carrying,  criminals from walking on the campus and committing crimes, it only stops law abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves and others," said Steube.

But students say with public safety already on campus there's no need for students or anyone else for that matter to be carrying a gun.

"We already have a pretty detailed police force here so it's kind of the whole I need guns for self defense thing is kind of not really needed," said Luke Whitmayer, a UCF student.

The bill has to pass one more committee before it comes the floor for  a final vote in the house.

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