In his own words: Pulse victim recalls attack

- Angel Colon was in the Pulse Orlando nightclub when the shooting started.  His account of the night riveted medical staff and reporters at an Orlando Regional Medical Center press conference Tuesday morning.

He's still recovering, but wanted to take time to speak publicly to thank police and doctors for saving his life.

Here is a portion of his account in his own words; watch the video for more:

It was shortly after 2.  We were saying our goodbyes.  I'm hugging everyone.  It was a great night.  No drama, just smiles, just laughter.  The last girl, I was talking to, and out of nowhere, we hear a big shotgun.  We stop what we were doing and it just keeps going.  That happened and we grabbed each other and we started running. 

Unfortunately I was shot three times in my leg so I fell down.  I tried to get back up but everyone started running everywhere.  I got trampled over and I shattered and broke my bones on my left leg so by this time I couldn't walk at all.  I just laid down there while everyone was just running on top of me trying to get where they had to be.  All I could hear was the shotgun, one after another, people screaming and yelling for help. 

By this time, the man, he goes into the other room and I can just hear more shotguns going on. I thought I was a little safe at this time because it's giving everyone time to tackle him down or get him down but unfortunately I hear him come back and he's shooting everyone who's dead on the floor, making sure they're dead. 

I was able to peek over and I could just see him shooting everyone.  I can hear the shotguns closer.  I look over and he shoots the girl next to me.  I'm just laying down thinking, 'I'm next, I'm dead.'  So I don't know how but by the glory of God, he shoots toward my head but it hits my hand.  He shoots again and it hits the side of my hip.  I had no reaction.  I was just prepared to just stay there laying down so that he won't know that I'm alive.  He's just doing this for another five or 10 minutes, just shooting all over the place. 

By this time, he goes up to the front and I think that's when he's battling against the cops.  I just hear shotguns going all over the place. 

I'm looking up and some cop -- I wish I could remember his face or his name, because to this day I am grateful for him -- he looks at me and makes sure that I'm alive.  He grabs my hand and he's like, this is the only way I can take you out.  I'm like, please carry me because I'm in pain right now.  I couldn't walk or anything.  He starts to drag me out across the street to the Wendy's. 

I'm grateful for him but the floor is just covered in glass. So he's dragging me out while I'm just getting cut -- my behind, my back, my legs.  I don't feel pain but I just feel all this blood on my from myself, from other people.  He just drops me off across the street and there's just bodies everywhere.

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