The snow is no match for these winter hacks


Winter is here!  If you already have  8 inches of snow on your driveway, how are you going to survive the next four months? We've got that answer.

As we dug out from our first winter blast - and then the subsequent second blast - we came up with a few ways to survive the cold that you may not have thought of before.

First off - take the easy way out and stay inside. Why not cozy up on the couch and binge-watch TV?

Ok - so eventually you HAVE to get outside. If there's not much snow, try using that leafblower to clear your sidewalk or driveway. If it only snowed an inch or snow, it should be no time before your pavement is visible again.

Spray your shovel with nonstick cooking spray or silicone based lubricant. Doing this will help prevent snow from sticking when you’re scooping and dumping.

Use a lighter and your door key to thaw a frozen lock. You don't need any special spray to get your key through the ice; a little heat will do the trick.

Open the oven when you're done baking. Look, you've already made a delicious cake or cookies, right? Leave the oven open to let that 350 degree heat fill the house!

Park your car facing east. If possible, point your car to the east. When the sun rises it will naturally defrost your windshield. Just try not to rub it in to your neighbors when you pull away and they're still scraping.

Reverse your ceiling fan. Flip that switch and turn the fan on with the blades going in a clockwise direction to push the air towards the ceiling. That will suck the cold air up and circulate warm air down. One trick to see if your fan is going in the right direction is to blow bubbles and see if they are pushed down or pulled up. Just make sure your fan is on a low setting. Doing this doesn't just keep you warm, it can save up to 15% on your heating bill. Win win.


If all else fails, try booking a vacation. Find somewhere warm where they bring you drinks with an umbrella and get away. When you get back though, look up these tips because you'll probably be digging out.

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