What to do if you leave your things in an Uber


Leaving your phone, keys, or wallet behind doesn’t have to mean they’re gone for good. We’ve got a plan of action that will reunite you with the items you simply can’t live without.

If you leave something in an Uber, go to uber.com/lost. You can do it from the app, but if it’s your phone you’re missing, you’ll need a computer or friend’s phone. Follow the instructions and provide a callback number and Uber will connect you directly to the driver so you can make arrangements to have your item returned.

Losing your phone in a Lyft is slightly more complicated because most of the retrieval options require the app- but the receipt for your trip does come with link to report a lost item. If you receipt doesn’t arrive because you didn’t rate your driver, your best bet is conact Lyft on their site.

If your phone is has disappeared anywhere, fortunately Apple, Google, and Microsoft all offer built-in phone tracking technology.  Android devices are connected to your Google account, iPhones are connected to your iCloud account and Windows Phones are connected to your Microsoft account, so don’t forget your password.


And if you’re the kind of person who would lose your head and hands if they weren’t screwed on, watch the video above to see how some people are attaching their keys to themselves 24/7.

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