Small women's march in Nova Scotia just as impressive as larger turnouts


A day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, more than a million people worldwide took to the streets in defense of women’s rights. One town even had almost a quarter of its population march two miles in solidarity.That town was Sandy Grove, Nova Scotia. Population-- 65. 

The small march in the drizzly weather was started by Melissa Merritt and Gwen Quigley Wilson

“We were prepared that it might be just us two,” Merritt told The Guardian.

But they were joined by ten other women, one toddler, and two men.

Kadijah Photiades, a local woman who showed up for the march, told The Huffington Post, “One woman said she had looked at all of these marches all around the world, and it wasn’t until she saw our little tiny march in Sandy Cove that she actually burst out crying.”

"It made my heart very happy to have other women stand beside me and do that,” Merritt told CBC News.

There weren’t news crews, celebrities, or podiums to make speeches from. No scientists trying to tally the numbers of the crowd for newspapers and history books. There were barely any cars that honked for the group, but that didn’t stop them from holding up their posters or playing instruments. 

Wilson told the Toronto Star, “I couldn’t just be a passive observer. I thought, ‘This is the opportunity to stand up and reach out and take part in something that is important, not just for women, but for everybody.’ ”

And they weren’t alone, in Sandy Cove or the world. Watch the video to see the women take to the streets of Nova Scotia

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