More Americans making New Year's resolutions, shifting priorities.


Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2017? If not, you’re actually in the majority as more than half of the country opted not to based on a recent poll. However, the data shows an increase from last year, and that Americans’ priorities are shifting. 

44 percent of Americans made New Year’s resolutions for 2017 according to a national Marist Poll conducted in December. That is up from 39 percent last year. 

According to the poll, being a better person unseated weight loss as the number one resolution -- a total of 16 percent. Exercising more, and weight loss, came in second with 10 percent.

Bill Chopik, assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University, told the New York Daily News, “Between aftershocks of a tough election and uncertainty about the future, we’ve come to a point of reflection. Part of that taking stock may be a valuable awakening about being nicer to each other.”

Of those who made a resolution for 2016, 68 percent kept at least part of their promise and of that -- 75 percent of men, compared to 62 percent of women, kept their resolutions. 

As for those who actually achieve their goal? Research shows only 8 percent of those that make resolutions achieve them.


Whether you’re trying to be nicer, lose weight, or learning to play the ukulele -- watch the video to see how you can be among the triumphant who followed through in 2017.

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