Puppies pulled from avalanche a glimmer of hope against fading odds


When an avalanche weighing 120,000 tons and travelling at a speed of 60 mph hit a luxury mountain hotel in Central Italy, few people made it out. A week later the search for survivors continues in a race against time. 

And while more deaths were confirmed, the sound of hope could be heard in the form of tiny barks. Three adorable Abruzzo snow-white sheepdog puppies were found in an air pocket. The puppies are only a month old and were born to the hotel’s resident dogs, Nuvola and Lupo who also survived. 

Sonia Marini, a member of the State Forestry Corps, told the Associated Press, “...we heard this very tiny bark. And we saw them from a little hole the firefighters had opened in the wall.”

As of Wednesday, there were still five people missing, and hope is fading. An emergency helicopter also crashed in the same region, killing six people [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jan/24/italian-avalanche-death-toll-rise-as-six-die-in-helicopter-crash-hotel]. 

Workers are using any means necessary to locate signs of life.


Watch the video to see the three lucky puppies that were rescued.

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