If you think bottled water is expensive, wait until you hear about canned air


Remember when we all thought bottled water seemed ridiculous, well, now people are selling canned air. 

The latest American Lung Association air quality study showed that Bangor, Maine has some of the purest air in America, and there are people looking to cash in. 

Moses Lam is the CEO of Vitality Air, a Canadian company that cans fresh air and sells it. He said, “Maine might be our next location.”

Get this, an 8-liter can of his fresh Canadian Rocky Mountain air, that allegedly lasts between 150 and 200 breaths, costs $28! On his website he describes the air as, “pure, just as it would exist if you were standing on that mountain yourself, and breathing in the lush green trees and snow-crested peaks.”

Lam started selling the air as a joke on eBay in 2014 but sales took off. His biggest buyers are people in smog-ridden China.

Lam said, “We almost want it to be like bottled water. Instead of taking dirty water and cleaning it, we’re literally moving the (clean air) from one place to another.”

So, if you you’re out of work and need money, move to Maine and sell the air to China. 

Or if you are living in Bangor, Maine, let’s do the math: 23,ooo breathes a day, divided by 200 breaths per can, times 28 dollars, means every day you breathe you’re getting at least $3,000 worth of free, fresh air. Nice!

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