Blind boy receives gift from kind passenger on train


11-year-old Gio Garrett has had quite the journey. At 2-years old he was diagnosed with the genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome and has had two surgeries since.  

According to the East Bay Times, after Gio’s second surgery at age four, he entered a week long coma. However, upon waking up, he was blind. 

But he could hear. And because his hospital room overlooked the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train tracks -- he became fascinated by the sound of the passing trains. 

He was depressed, but the sound of the train soothed him. So much so that he even has the sound of the train on his ipod along with his music. 

Gio and his mother ride BART every chance they get. And recently, they encountered a stranger that made Gio’s day with a random act of kindness. The man was so impressed with his love for the train that he decided to give Gio a gift just before the doors closed. It was a BART card loaded with enough money for him to ride the train all year. 

His mother reached out looking for the man so Gio could say “thank you”, but he has yet to be found. 

Upon hearing about her search, FOX 2 contacted BART which is not only helping look for the kind stranger, but they also arranged a very special tour for Gio. 

"We were thinking we have got to reach out to this family and offer Gio this really cool BART experience," says BART Spokeswoman Alicia Trost. 

He received a badge from the BART police chief, met one of BART’s K-9’s, and was able to call out his favorite station on the intercom. 


Watch the video to see how a stranger’s kindness made Gio’s day.

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