Homeless man gives diner the shoes off his feet


We read inspiring stories about everyday people helping the homeless, but what about when the shoe is on the other foot? Two men from Britain prove that incredible kindness is a two-way street.

Akbar Badshah had driven for over an hour to meet his wife for dinner to celebrate her birthday.  But when he arrived, he discovered that his sandals didn’t meet the restaurant’s dress code.

Akbar didn’t know what to do. He struck up a conversation with a homeless man named John who was outside nearby. Hoping his boots might fit, Akbar asked if could borrow them for 10 pounds -- but John refused to take the money and happily suggested they simply swap shoes.

According to the BBC, John said he was “just happy to help out another human being”.

After their dinner, they returned the boots to John and he finally accepted the 10 pounds.

A passerby overheard the conversation and gave John 50 pounds (or about $75) in recognition of his kindness.

Akbar plans on treating John to a meal at the restaurant to again thank him for his generosity.


It’s a reminder that all of us are capable of compassion and love for our fellow man, no matter who we are.

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