Largest ever convoy of emergency vehicles arrives in Syria


The United Nations assumes there are 440,000 people in need of humanitarian aid in Syria, according to Reuters. Countless charities and volunteers are doing what they can, but recently more help arrived in the form of 100 decommissioned emergency vehicles.

The Independent reports that they drove across five countries to get there, and it’s thought to be the largest convoy of its kind. It’s all thanks to the charity coalition Unity Convoy, which is trying to give a lifeline to hospitals in Syria that have been repeatedly targeted since the civil war started in 2011. 

The vehicles were delivered to local hospitals in rebel-held Idlib province, and it didn’t take long to prove how much they were needed. Almost immediately, the vehicles were called upon when an explosion hit a marketplace. 

“As soon as we received the Unity Convoy Ambulances, we heard an explosion nearby,” said Dr Moustafa of Idlib’s Health Directorate. “The ambulance response team immediately set off to the area of the incident.” 

According to Unity Convoy, one ambulance in Syria can save up to 43 lives a month. And it’s not only the lives they’re saving, it’s the message they’re sending --Showing civilians, doctors, and humanitarians in Syria that they’re not forgotten.  


Watch the video to see how the convoy is helping those in need.

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