Adaptive surfing and skating is changing people's lives


The thought of standing up on a surfboard or skateboard can be a little intimidating. For people living with paralysis -- it might sound like the impossible. But the Life Rolls on Foundation is creating epic skate and surf events every summer and making it a reality. 

Founder and CEO, Jesse Billauer, was one of the top 100 junior surfers in the world. He was weeks from turning pro when he suffered a spinal cord injury while surfing. Despite the challenges, he is now a world champion adaptive surfer, and his non-profit is in its 15th year of the Get on Board Tour. 

The tour features They Will Surf Again and They Will Skate Again events in which surfing and skating sessions are brought to 12 cities across the country for people living with paralysis. The free all-ages events feature expert instruction, and are made possible through sponsorship, donations, and volunteers.

Some participants are returning to the sports they loved before an accident, while others are catching their first wave or dropping into their first half-pipe. But everyone is smiling and enjoying life. Volunteers and participants, are showing the world that with a little teamwork and courage -- every dream is within reach. 


Watch the video to see how these events are changing people’s lives.

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