Dentist helps cancer patient with new dentures


When we’re going through a difficult time in life, sometimes it seems like the troubles keep adding up. Fortunately, there are good people out there happy to help-- even if they’re strangers. 

Steve Borkowski, 64, has stage three throat cancer, and is currently paying off serious medical debt. As if that’s not enough, a trip to his local Home Depot turned into a nightmare. Steve is partially blind, and tripped over a wooden pallet. In the process, he broke his dentures. 

“Down I went. It was a face plant. I managed to break the fall with my teeth,” said Borkowski, who was transported to the hospital in an ambulance. 

Home Depot’s insurance company told him his injuries and damages likely wouldn’t be covered. But when Dr. Linda Ousachi saw his story on FOX 2 Detroit, she wanted to help.

“I just thought he’s been through enough-- battling the cancer and everything. So I just wanted to help in any way I could,” Dr. Ousachi told FOX 2 Detroit. “They were talking about the medical bills with the cancer, and just making a partial and a denture could cost about $5,000. So we wanted to make sure he didn’t have to worry about that.”

She performed the procedure free of charge, and he’ll have his new dentures within a month.

“It really kind of re-ignited my faith in humanity, and I can’t say enough about the doctor and these people and thanks to FOX 2 as well,” said Borkowski. “You guys kind of got the ball rolling.”

FOX 2 Detroit contacted Home Depot’s corporate office, and they’ve apologized for the inconvenience and promise to get a payment expedited.


Watch the video to see how this dentist made him smile. 

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