5 reasons to celebrate being left-handed


Sunday, August 13 is Left Handers Day, a day for everyone who is left-hand dominate.

Lefties tend to be known as people who can’t do anything “right,” but in fact they are the rare gems! —so rare that only about 13% of the population consists of these left-handers! 

What makes left-handers so different than their right-handed counterparts? Their brains: lefties use the right hemisphere of the brain-- which controls movement in your left hand along with emotional expression, spatial awareness, creativity and imagination. 

According to lefthandersday.com, having this right brain dominance makes lefties more likely to be visual thinkers and advance in activities that involve hand-to-eye coordination. 

There’s a stereotype that left-handers are clumsy and ungainly, but it isn’t because of their natural abilities. They are forced to use right-handed tools and supplies! That’s like asking a right handed person to use their left hand to write-- not cool.

Fear no more my brilliant, visual learners—there are tools and supplies that have been created specifically for your left-handed needs.

You can say goodbye to smeared ink and hello! to “left handed pens!” They eliminate “smeared and uncomfortable angled writing” that all lefties know the struggle of. 

There are left handed scissors, wide rule notebooks, pencils and even white out.

Now there’s no holding lefties back. In fact, left-handers are so intimidating there is a defined term for people who have a phobia of lefties.

Sinistrophobia is the fear of things at the left side or left-handed people. Hmm, perhaps it’s lefties’ multi-tasking dominance that has that effect on people.  


It’s also been said that lefties are “more intelligent, better looking, and talented” than righties…but it’s possible that was started by someone who high-fives with their left hand.

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