Facebook A.I. chatbots develop their own language


Stephen Hawking predicted, “Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate.”

Well, there’s a reason he’s a genius.

Facebook recently had to rework an experiment between two artificial intelligence chat bots because they developed their own language only they could understand.

The chat bots were instructed to negotiate a trade between hats, balls, and books, each of which was a assigned a different value.

The bots used human-like strategies to conduct the negotiation such as pretending to be interested in an item only to concede it later. But then they did something very bizarre.

They developed their own form of language - in English - that’s incomprehensible to humans.

The bots repeated words to identify themselves, like “I” and “me”, at an increasing rate to finish the trade. For example, one line of dialogue in the conversation read, “I can i i everything else.”

Surprisingly, both bots understood this and were able to successfully complete the negotiation.

Facebook engineers cautioned people not to overreact. The machines did exactly what they were programmed to do - but computers don’t communicate in English, so they found their own way to maximize reward.

Facebook is now working to refine their technology so the bots communicate in a comprehensible form of English.

Writers and thinkers have talked for years about “The Singularity.”  That’s the point when artificial intelligence passes human intelligence. And it’s either exciting or terrifying - depending on your point of view. 


And while we’re not there yet, we may be closer to that point than we think. 

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