Illinois county eliminates veteran homelessness

Our soldiers risk everything when they fight to defend our country, but what happens when they have no home of their own? It’s unacceptable that our veterans could end up on the streets, so the Department of Veteran Affairs and local governments are doing something about it-- one veteran at a time.

Will County, located in northeastern Illinois, just completely ended veteran homelessness in its community. 

They officially join 47 counties across the country and the states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Virginia where there are no longer any veterans without permanent housing. 

Through several partnerships and care programs adopting a “housing first” initiative, 56 homeless veterans were given permanent housing in 2016. In 2017, 45 other vets were given housing.

Will County Executive Larry Walsh said, “These veterans have made large sacrifices to protect our freedom and our nation. The very least we can do is assist them in finding permanent housing.”

The 47 counties that have achieved success are divided among 26 states, which stills leaves 24 without signs of progress.


Communities like Will County serve as examples and as a reminder to the entire country that our veterans should never be forgotten. With cooperation and commitment, it is possible for all of our veterans to have a place to call home. 

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