Kids start lemonade stand after neighbor's house burns down


6-year-old Charli and 9-year-old Jackson Ward were already planning a lemonade stand. However, instead of raising money for themselves -- they decided to help a senior citizen across town that they had never met before

Beatrice Gillespie’s house burned down on the 4th of July and left her with no place to live. When the brother and sister learned of the tragedy, they made an executive business decision. 

“We found out that it burned down and so we thought well, if we’re going to get money we should give it to her,” Jackson told FOX 35 Orlando. 

“My job was to ask the customers if they wanted pink or yellow [lemonade] and Jackson’s job was to serve it,” Charli added. 

Mom helped make the lemonade, Dad built the lemonade stand, and social media took care of the rest. 

Friends, firefighters, and people they had never met before all suddenly had a thirst for lemonade and generosity. Their efforts helped raise $1021. 

“I was like, ‘You guys raised $1,000!’ and they were like, ‘She can buy a house and everything.’ I was like, ‘Well, close, but not quite’,” their mother, Jennifer Ward, said. 

It wasn’t enough to replace the house, but it sure brought a smile to Beatrice’s face when they handed her the money the next day. 

“It was a little bit astonishing because I didn’t know how much that meant to her,” Jackson said. 


Watch the video to see how these kids turned lemons into lemonade, and lemonade into smiles. 

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