New survey reveals homeowners biggest regrets


Before you pull the trigger on a new house, learn from other buyers’ worst mistakes.

Real estate site Trulia just released a survey breaking down the biggest regrets people have about buying their current homes.

Here are your top 3 take aways:

#1. Go big!

The top regret among homeowners is that they didn’t buy a larger home. Tiny houses many be trendy, but homeowners are running out of space for their stuff-- and their families.

#2. With age comes wisdom.... 

Seventy-one percent of homeowners ages 18 to 24 have regrets, including wishing they had been more financially secure before they made the purchase, and wishing they had chosen to remodel. Compare that to 72 percent of retirees who are happy with their current housing situation.

#3. More money, more problems.

Income also influenced regrets. The survey says the higher yours is, the more likely you are to be unhappy with size and the more likely you are to wish that you had put more money down on the house.


The bottom line here: You’re now armed with knowledge to help prevent buyer’s remorse on the biggest purchase of your life. Happy house hunting!

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