Officer-involved shooting in Colorado captured on camera


Police men and women risk their lives every day. They accept it when they sign up for the academy, and are prepared for it every time they put on their uniforms. We often read details of their heroics in the face of danger, but with the increased usage of body cameras we can see firsthand how brave they all are -- Never knowing what is around the next corner. 

The Littleton Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released footage from the body camera worn by sheriff’s Deputy Brad Proulx during an officer-involved shooting that occurred last week. According to the sheriff’s office, Proulx stopped to assist what appeared to be a stranded motorist near County Line Road and Santa Fe Road.

Next he found the driver swinging a rifle at his face in what police say was an attempt to get away. The suspect has been identified as 25-year-old Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas. Investigators said the deputy was "forced to take action." Proulx fired his pistol and hit the suspect in the arm. Rivas-Maestas has since been charged with first-degree assault on a peace officer.

Fortunately the deputy was OK because of his quick thinking and reaction, but it shows just how dangerous their work can be. 

Littleton police Cmdr. Trent Cooper told FOX 31 Denver, "You know, it just goes to show how unpredictable, how the situations are where this deputy thought he was making a courtesy traffic stop and helping a motorist in need and a short time later, he’s involved in an officer-involved shooting.”


Watch the video to see the incredible body camera footage.

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