Officer responds to shoplifting call, helps family in need


Sometimes a police officer must rely on adrenaline and quick thinking when responding to a call. Recently, it was an Atlanta police officer’s heart and compassion that were needed most.

It was Officer Che Milton’s first week on the job when he responded to a call about a 12-year-old girl being held for shoplifting. When asked why she was stealing a $2 pair of shoes, she told him that her 5-year-old sister needed new shoes and that her family couldn’t afford them. 

Instead of punishing the girl, Officer Milton asked her to show him where she lived. It was a rough part of town, and he arrived to find her mother with her four siblings. The mother told Milton that she is unable to work because she can’t afford the daycare. She said her husband works, but doesn’t make much money. 

Upon seeing that the home lacked furniture and food, he bought pizzas for the family, and has since returned several times with diapers and clothes. Milton also sought help through the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.

The Atlanta Police Department heard about how he went the extra mile, and everyone is now pitching in to help.They’ve posted the children’s sizes on their Facebook account and created a drop-off location so that people can donate clothes to the family. 

As reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the department said Milton’s actions “showed that not only is he here to enforce the law but also to go the extra mile and be a bigger part of the community he is policing.”


Watch the video to see how this officer chose compassion over handcuffs.

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