Pope Francis declares urgent prayer for the homeless in winter months


On Sunday, Pope Francis said his “urgent prayer” for the month of January is for the homeless who have to battle freezing cold weather. 

“During these very cold days, I think of and I invite you to think of all the people who live on the streets, affected by the cold and many times by indifference,” he said.

“Unfortunately some didn’t make it. Let us pray for them, and let us ask the Lord to warm our hearts so as to be able to help them.”

Most of us probably have some jackets we don’t wear anymore. One easy way to help is by donating your old coats. Chances are, wherever you live, there is currently a coat drive going on. It should be very easy to find with a quick search online. 

If you go to http://www.onewarmcoat.org/donatecoats, you’ll be able to find the nearest drop-off center. 

Your spare coat could literally mean life or death for someone less fortunate. 

Another way we can save lives this winter is by giving to food banks. We all know how good a warm meal feels on a freezing day. Having places you can count on to eat at, when there’s no one else you can count on, is an invaluable piece of hope we can give others. 

You can find your local food bank at http://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank/


And in this video, we bring you the story of a 88 year-old man whose wife passed away. Without his life partner by his side, he didn’t know what to do with his time. His son told him, “If you want to help yourself, help somebody else.” So, Bob Rutherford, 88, decided to devote his time to helping the homeless stay warm in winter. Take a look at this sweet story. 

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