Volunteers find dog that went missing after car crash


Last week, Erica Cruz and her 11-month old Labrador, Daisy, hitched a ride with some friends. Suddenly, the car was struck by an 18-wheeler. Although the other passengers escaped with minor injuries, Erica’s back was fractured in 2 places.

Meanwhile, Daisy was nowhere to be found. 

Erica was devastated when she woke in the hospital and heard the news. Unable to search for Daisy from her bed, Erica turned to social media for help. 

People searched for days in the scorching heat, but couldn’t find the her. 

After days of searching, the non-profit rescue group Mutts and Mayhem found Daisy in a ravine. 

Daisy was alive, but was unable to walk due to a severely broken leg suffered in the crash. After learning how badly it was broken and infected, doctors and Erica agreed to amputate the leg in the interest of Daisy’s heath. 

The brave puppy is now on her way to a full recovery, but better yet she’s on her way home -- where the two of them can heal together. 


Watch the video to see how Daisy was rescued. 

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