Testimony gets into details of Hulk sex tape recording

- Hulk Hogans attorney, David Houston urged celebrity gossip site Gawker to do the right thing Wednesday.

"Please take down the video. Take down the video," Houston said.

Houston wanted Gawker to remove a clip of a sex tape involving Hulk Hogan and the wife of radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge.

"I saw a video depicting my client having sex.. went as far to demonstrate what everyone was saying to each other by virtue of incorporating subtitles," Houston said, describing the video.

Houston says he never threatened Gawker, but instead tried a softer touch.

"Look, we're not here to challenge you. We're not here to tell you what to do. It is certainly something that has caused great damage to my client, therefore I'm asking you please as another human being take down the video," said Houston.

Houston says it didn't work.

Then came the $100 million dollar lawsuit against Gawker for violating Hogan's right to privacy.

Gawker insists Hogan often bragged about his sex life in pubic and, therefore it's fair game.

In a video deposition, Gawker's former editor AJ Daulerio said it was newsworthy.

"We can show some of the sex that was taking place. It would give a little more insight into the stuff that was already in the public record," said Daulerio.

Meanwhile, Hogan says the sex tape ruined his career and turned his life upside down.

On Monday, he told the jury he was distraught and vulnerable after his wife had asked for a divorce. He turned to his best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge for support, but Bubba offered up his wife.

"'Alright you guys, I'm going to go to my office. Here's a condom.' Bubba handed me a condom. All of a sudden it was so weird and crazy. My gut was telling me this was off, this was wrong," explained Hogan.

Hogan says he never consented to being videotaped and felt betrayed by Bubba.

While Bubba is expected to take the Fifth during the trial, he was defiant on his radio show Wednesday morning.

"News flash: Bubba did some kinky stuff. Bubba is a little bit wild. I can't necessarily say I'm proud of all that, but it's not illegal, is it? " Bubba asked.

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