Petraeus talks scandal, defeating ISIS in Sarasota

- General David Petraeus, one of the most well-known generals of our time, spoke Tuesday in Sarasota about his career, the scandal that ended it and what he plans for his future. 

Petreaus led the military after September 11 and stood tall as a decorated four-star general in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After he retired, Petreaus was promoted appointed as director of the CIA, but Petraeus admits he is not without fault.

"I have made mistakes in life beyond those, missteps, professionally on the battle field. Life is not without setbacks," he said.

Those mistakes unfolded on a national stage. A year after his appointment to the CIA, he resigned and admitted to an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.

Their close relationship gave Broadwell access to classified information.

"I have said that I have turned the page, if you will, and have focused forward," Petraeus said.

He said the training that helped him move up the ranks of the U.S. Military also helped him move past  the scandal.

"What you do is what we do in the military, which is conduct an after action review, look at what took place, strive to learn from it and pick up your rucksack and drive on. That is what I have sought to do and I have been very fortunate and, frankly, to have a portfolio of activities that is very stimulating, rewarding and, frankly fun," Petraeus said.

Still, General Petraeus said he keeps his eyes glued to the middle east. He says social media has helped the terror group ISIS and believes the way to beat ISIS is to show the group is a loser, not a winner.

"The more that we can decisively show the Islamic State to be a loser, the less effective its ability to recruit and prophetess and motivate in cyber space," he said.

General Petraeus said he believes the military will defeat ISIS, but defeating the terrorist group's ideology will take a long time.

"These are going to be long endeavors. People used to say, 'it's going to be a marathon, not a sprint.' It is a an ultra-marathon. We need to be prepared for that mentally," he said.

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