Previons remarks contradict Hogan, Bubba court testimony

- During the trial, Bollea said, "I knew Bubba had cameras, but I was never told, or never was pointed out, that there was a security camera pointing at the bed or there was a camera in the bedroom."

The newly released documents from a pre-trial deposition - also under oath - tell a different story.

Question: "Did Bubba ever explain how his security cameras worked?"

Bollea answered: "I never knew he had cameras."

When questioned by the FBI, Bollea appears to change his story again, saying he was aware Bubba had cameras all over his residence.

The long-awaited trial between Hulk Hogan, aka Terry Bollea, and celebrity gossip website Gawker is over, but testimony not heard by jurors has some wondering if Bollea deserved to walk out of court $140 million richer.

For his part, Bollea said he's happy with the outcome.

"I feel great I'm happy with everything that's happened,' he said just after the decisions were announced in a St. Petersburg courtroom. 

However, the jury may not have gotten the whole story. Evidence the judge kept from the the six-person panel reveals  a number of inconsistent statements from Bollea, his former best friend and radio personality, Bubba the Love Sponge, and Bubba's now ex-wife, Heather Cole.

Bollea tells two stories

He said he even asked Bubba, "you aren't filming, this are you?"

Bubba does an about-face

Bubba's story has changed, too.

On Howard Stern's radio show in 2012, Bubba said everyone involved knew about the cameras.

Bubba: "This was an act that all parties knew about everything."

Howard Stern: "Did everyone know about the tape?"

Bubba: "Everyone knew about everything."

Bubba told the FBI the same story, explaining Bollea knew there were camera's in Bubba's house and knew his encounter was being recorded.

Then, after Bubba settled a lawsuit with Hogan for $5,000 dollars, he changed his tune. Bubba said, under oath, Bollea did not know he was being recorded during his sexual encounter with Heather.

Heather Cole changes tune

Bubba's then-wife, Heather Cole also seemed unsure of whether everyone knew cameras were rolling during her encounter with Hulk.

In a taped deposition, she said she was shocked to find out about the sex tape.

"I was upset," she explained.

Yet, court documents show Cole was heard on the sex tape saying, "you'll probably see my face squirming.''

No one can say now how the jury may have reacted to the new information, but Gawker owner Nick Denton said he is confident a higher court will overturn the jury's verdict.

"We look forward to going to the appeals court ,where all the laws will be followed and all the facts known, " Denton said.

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