Radiologist sues attorney Barry Cohen

- He's one of Tampa's most successful trial attorneys, having taken on some of the biggest cases in town, but high-profile attorney Barry Cohen now needs his own attorney.

Dr. Manuel Rose, CEO and medical director of Rose Radiology is taking Cohen to court, suing him for legal malpractice and negligence.

Rose Radiology made headlines when it agreed to pay the Government $8 million for false billing and kickbacks. Years earlier,  Dr. Rose was looking to hire Cohen to help him fight the whistle-blower lawsuit that led to the hefty settlement.

During an 18-minute phone call with Cohen, Dr. Rose said he shared highly confidential information. After the call, Cohen didn't take the case.

Months later, Dr. Rose claimed he was "astonished to learn" one of Cohen's partners at his firm, Kevin Darken quietly joined another whistle-blower lawsuit against Rose Radiology.

"He thinks because he's got 11 radiology clinics, he's got a little money, he is going to bully me. He should know better than that. I'm gonna kick his a** in this lawsuit, " Cohen said.

The suit claims Cohen broke attorney-client privilege and shared highly sensitive information, from that phone call, with his partner.

"He is trying to blame me for his miserable and wrongful conduct," explained Cohen.

Cohen said the New York law firm suing Rose Radiology had taken the case weeks before Cohen and Dr. Rose spoke, and billing records prove it.

Cohen said he didn't know there was a conflict and neither did his partner, until Dr. Rose filed a complaint with the Florida Bar.

"As soon as it came to Kevin's attention, Kevin withdrew," Cohen insisted.

Now, Cohen is eager to explain the details to a jury, if it ever gets there.

"I'm looking forward to this lawsuit. I'm not worried about this lawsuit in the slightest," said Cohen.

FOX 13 News reached out to Dr. Rose's attorney for a comment, but they said the legal complaint explains it all.

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