New paddleboard is more like 'pedalboard'

- Paddle boards are pretty popular here in the Tampa Bay area: Along with enjoying the beautiful Florida waters, you'll get aerobic exercise and build upper body and core strength.

But if you're not quite up to paddling your way to shore, there's a new option making a splash in Tampa Bay: The Hobie Eclipse.

Andy Levine's family has owned the Tackle Shack in Pinellas Park for half a century. He says the new Eclipse is one of the coolest products he has ever seen on the water.  

The pedal system is called the Mirage Drive. The unique setup propels you through the water, making it easier to maneuver in current.

Levine says the stabilizing handlebar is the biggest sell.

"This gives you a mechanical advantage against the board. Both the things that look like the 10-speed brakes are going to be your steering," he explained. 

That steering is controlled by a rudder in the back of the board. Levine says it's flexible so it doesn't break.

"This thing right here, 15 minutes and you're an expert. And we always found if it's easy you're going to do it more," Levine offered.

If you still crave an extra core and upper body work out, the Eclipse transforms into a traditional paddleboard. But if you choose to pedal your way around Tampa Bay, the Eclipse offers a new non-traditional way to get your recommended 30 minutes of exercise.

"That's the greatest thing about Florida -- being able to use the water and getting a little exercise and staying in shape. And this will do it," Levine added.

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