Tampa attorney resigns amid voyerism allegations

- Detectives say Tampa attorney James Stanton can be seen in videos adjusting a hidden camera in a women's restroom.

Stanton was busted, they say, secretly videotaping female employees working at Maintenx Management Group in Ybor City, but his bosses waited too long to report him, so he will not face voyeurism charges.

Investigators discovered dozens of images of women using the restroom, showering, and changing. However, the statue of limitations had passed and hundreds of counts of voyeurism charges were dropped, but that doesn't mean Stanton was off the hook.

At first, he seemed ready to fight the Florida bar, which wants to take away his law license. But just as the bar trial was set to begin, Stanton decided to give it all up and resign.

"We identified three victims and review the material with them they were quit shocked," said Tampa Assistant Police Chief Brian Dugan

Attorney Scott Tozian has represented troubled attorneys and judges in bar complaints for over 30 years. He reviewed the information for FOX 13 News.

"Certainly we expect a lot more out of lawyers then that type of behavior," said Tozian.

He's not surprised to hear Stanton is throwing in the towel on his legal career, but says the ultimate decision really isn't up to him. That belongs to Florida Supreme Court.

If the high court accepts Stanton's resignation, he could reapply for his law license in five years, but the odds of getting it back are not good.

"Some lawyers that have been re-admitted have spent literally years doing charitable work to show that they're a different person, so it can be done, but I wouldn't bet my lunch money on it," said Tozian.

Stanton avoided a possibly scandalous trial with embarrassing details and images being shared in open court,
not to mention the parade of humiliated victims taking the stand.

Tozian says Stanton was in a lose-lose situation. 

"That's a tough case from a defense stand point," said Tozian.

The Florida Supreme Court could send down a decision on Stanton's law license in the next few months.

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