Woman wakes up to find stranger in her bed

- Sheriff Grady Judd didn't hold back on suspect Juan Arteaga-Orozco, an illegal immigrant from Mexico living in Polk County.

"He's here illegally and he's committing crime after crime after crime," he said.

His rap sheet is filled with felony charges including armed trafficking of meth.  Sunday the list got even worse.

The sheriff says around 2:45 a.m. a woman at a home on Highway 547 woke up to find Arteaga-Orozco in her bed.

"Can you imagine waking up as a young lady and seeing this guy in bed with you you don't even know?" The sheriff asked.

As the story goes, she tried to get away, but he grabbed her by the throat.

"He tells her quit screaming or I'm going to choke you to death," Sheriff Judd described.

At that point her mother comes in.

"She tries to stop him he shoves her out of the way a couple times and fleas the residence," he said.

He was arrested.  The sheriff says it's unclear how he got in, in the first place but says he knew someone in the house.

"We think he had sinister motives on his mind but for mom coming home which probably saved her daughter's life," he said

He's in jail without bond, and on hold for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement or ICE.

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