What to do in an active shooter situation

- The first images from Saturday's terrorist attack in London show people running away. Experts say running is the first and best option in an active shooter situation. But, later reports said, people who were trapped fought back against the three terrorists with bottles, chairs and bar stools.

"Anything can be used as a weapon," explained TPD's Corporal Jared Douds.  "Chairs, fire extinguishers. If I can spray him with it or hit him with it, that's a good thing for me.”

Douds is part of a growing number of police specialists who go out into the community and teach people how to survive an active shooter. He says it comes down to three words.

"The main things we're looking for: Run, hide and fight." 

If you can't get away, then hide.

"Something as simple as closing and locking the doors. Anything you can find to barricade that door is a good thing," Douds continued, quickly  sliding a piece of furniture in front of the door of a police department office as a demonstration.

Douds began teaching people how to survive an active shooter following the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999. He says always have an escape route and a back-up. Take the time to plan escape routes from your place of employment and other places where you spend time.

An active shooter situation can happen anywhere, he warned.

Tampa police and other local agencies will come to your business or organization and teach you how to survive. All you have to do is give them a call.

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