Fog security systems could stop smash-and-grabs

- You can't steal what you can't see. At least that's the premise behind a new security system that uses fog to stop would-be-burglars right in their tracks.

It sounds like the stuff of Marvel Movies but security experts say it's an effective security tool for big burglary targets like gun stores.

On Friday Bandit Security and Florida-based Intrusion Technologies debuted their fog security system at HNR Gunworks in Inverness. The system's security alarm triggers a fogging component which fills a room with thick, white fog in less than 5 seconds.

The soon-to-open gun shop's owners say they hope the system will deter the widespread smash and grab theft of guns from stores like theirs.

"The guys that are doing this are trying to steal guns to get them out on the streets to sell on a black market. they're only going to criminals and that's a threat to law-abiding citizens," said HNR Gunworks owner Ross Rivkin.

According to ATF, more than 500 guns were stolen from 26 different federal firearms licensed dealers in Central Florida just last year.

Security experts also believe the fog system could prove effective for more than just retail stores, they could even be used to assist law enforcement in an active shooter situation.

"We are sight hunters. We are not bloodhounds. We use our eyeballs for everything," said Retired Orlando Police Captain Joseph Robinson.  "The second the fog comes rushing at you, your first thought is, I've got to get out of here, I have to survive this. You're no longer thinking about robbing or hurting somebody inside."

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