Prosecutors fight bond for accused neo-Nazi bomb-maker

- Judge Thomas McCoun granted bond last Friday for defendant Brandon Russell saying, "there was no clear and convincing evidence he was a threat to any person or the community."

The 21-year-old from Tampa Palms is accused of making and storing bomb-making material. Tampa police say they even found some of it in his car.

The government is fighting his release. 

"The government has an obligation to protect the public and in the government's mind and in the government's eyes, this individual is a threat and is a risk and he very well may be so," defense attorney Anthony Rickman explained.

Rickman goes on to say it's unlikely the judge will change his mind. "Based on the evidence the judge has, the court found that there were conditions that could assure his presence and also assure the public is protected from him."

Last month, officers allegedly found bomb-making material, weapons, and ammo in the garage of his Tampa Palms apartment.  They also claim to have found a framed picture of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on his dresser and Nazi and white supremacist propaganda on his computer. 

Police say Russell is a member of the Florida National Guard, and admitted to being a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

In federal court we learned, while cops were discovering all of this, Russell went shopping to buy more guns and 500 rounds of ammo.  He took an unidentified friend, who shared the same neo-Nazi beliefs, shopping with him.

All of this came to light after his roommate Devon Arthurs was arrested and charged with the murder of their two other roommates.  Arthurs led police to the bodies and to Russell's supposed bombs.

Arthurs says all three of his roommates -- Jeremy Himmelman,  Andrew Oneshuk, and Brandon Russell -- were neo-Nazi believers, but recently Arthurs converted to the Islamic faith and turned on his roommates.

He became upset with them after he says after they made fun of his new Muslim beliefs.

Arthurs told officers that Russell often visited white supremacy chat rooms, where he threatened to blow up buildings and kill people.

The only problem for federal prosecutors is their 'star witness' against Russell is Devon Arthurs, a double-murder suspect.

"This case just keeps on unraveling and unraveling and tomorrow we may see another stone fall," added Rickman.

The judge is expected to hear arguments Tuesday, and then rule on Russell's bond.

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