Rick Scott and Richard Corcoran in town for "victory tour"

- Gov. Rick Scott and House Speaker Richard Corcoran appeared to have buried the hatchet.

Their relationship could have broad impact not only on Corcoran's possible quest for high office, but also on the future of the state's education system.

They battled for months over the Governor's beloved tourism and jobs programs, Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida.

The Speaker called them a waste of money.

But in the end, Scott got to keep the programs.

"If you look at Speaker Corcoran, if you look at what I have tried to do, we care," said Gov. Scott.

Now, Scott is considering Corcoran's charter school bill, which encourages them to open near low-performing public schools, and could require districts to steer tax money to them.

"He has a bill I am reviewing, 7069, because he believes it is going to improve our education system, which is important to me, which is important to everybody," said Scott.

The governor is facing an outcry from superintendents and boards fearing losses of state funding.

"All we know is $140 million is going to be held captive at the state level and we don't even know if any of those charters are going to come to Hillsborough County," said Cindy Stuart.

This is all happening as Corcoran considers a run for governor.

Gov. Scott's tight relationship with the president could come in handy in a 2018 primary.

"If it wasn't for his great friendship and his building relationships with President Trump, what we are doing in Lake O(keechobee) and the additional $50 million, truthfully, that's the governor's idea, and we rallied behind it."

The hope is to supplement $50 million in state funding with matching funds from the Federal government, to fix the dike at Lake Okeechobee.

Gov. Scott has till the last week of June to sign or veto the education bill.

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