Judge: 'Swinger' testimony allowed in murder case

- A Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge decided to allow testimony related to the sexual history of the defendant and witnesses in the case.

Defense attorneys for Michael Fields, who is accused of killing his girlfriend, were in court Wednesday, arguing to allow the evidence related to the sexual history of the couple with whom Fields lived. 

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Thomas Barber said the evidence being presented for use by the defense was "salacious" and "embarrassing."

The evidence in question relates to the couple Michael Fields was living with at the time his girlfriend, Christina Mahzamani, died after being beaten with a concrete block. 

Barber said during the pre-trial hearing, "they may have a motive to give different testimony because of their relationship."

According to testimony given in court Wednesday, Patricia and Gary Dickerson are considered "swingers" and had a sexual relationship with Micahel Fields while he lived with them. The Dickersons are set to testify in the prosecution's case against Fields, but prosecutors want to leave the x-rated details out.

Assistant State Attorney Ron Gale explained in court Wednesday, "there is evidence of a sexual relationship that existed between Mr. Fields with Mrs. Dickerson, and possibly Mr. Dickerson as well."

The Hillsborough public defender, Jennifer Spradley said the jury should hear the whole story, no matter how salacious or embarrassing. 

"The entire way Mr. Fields met Patricia Dickerson was online, through a swinger-type website. Later moving into the home," explained Spradley, "That relationship continued sexually, on-and-off throughout the timeline leading up to this case."

The relationship was said to have been kept a secret, which the defense says raises a credibility issue. But the prosecution provided its reasoning for the secrecy.

"I don't think this is, in any way, relevant that they did not initially disclose that to police, just out of embarrassment," Gale explained.

Fields is accused of beating his girlfriend, Christina Mahzamani to death with a concrete block and then trying to cover it up. The defense says the case is circumstantial. 

The judge decided the jury will hear it all, including details of the defendant's secret sex life.

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