Accused killer may cite 'roid rage' in defense

- Impulsiveness, aggression, and dangerous behavior – that’s how murder defendant Keith Dukes says steroids made him feel the day he hunted down his wife Michelle and killed her.

Attorney Anthony Rickman, who is not connected to the case, reviewed the motion the defense plans to argue to a judge this week. 

"Put him into a, essentially, a ‘roid rage," offered Rickman. 

Dukes, who was on steroids at the time of the murder, wants to be able to have an expert testify about the dangerous side effects of steroid use.  

"One of those side effects could be heightened rage, which then lead to the defendant’s state of mind in acting in the way he did," continued Rickman. 

It’s been three years since Michelle Dukes fought for her life after prosecutors say Dukes stabbed her during an argument, and then chased her to a neighbor’s house – armed with a gun.

Detectives say Dukes was able to force his way into the neighbor’s bedroom and gun her down, all in front of their three children.

Dukes’ defense team argues he acted in a heat of passion, but Rickman says the evidences shows something else. "We have a cooling off period where we have neighbors who saw him and confronted him and tried to stop him but that didn’t work either.”

Dukes wants the judge to allow the jury to hear about the steroid defense, and while isn't a new strategy, it may be a sign of desperation by Dukes. 

"There are thousands and thousands of people prescribed hormone therapy, testosterone, steroids, and they don’t kill people because they get mad," added Rickman.

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