AG Bondi faces alleged stalker in court

- Attorney General Pam Bondi says she has a stalker and Wednesday she faced him in court.

Bondi wants the judge to order William Wilkes to stay away.

Florida's Attorney General told the judge Wilkes has been stalking her for months, showing up to her home more than once.

"He came to my home in the middle of the night, a gentleman I did not know, twice that I know of. Once at 3 a.m. I was home alone. I have a very large dog. [The man] was agitating my dog by tapping on the window which would have scared any other human being off. In fact, my dog ripped down my wooden blinds, which has never happened," Bondi said in court.

At first, Bondi says she confused Wilkes with someone else.

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"There is also another on-going investigation that frightens me more than this gentleman," Bondi explained. "I do have another stalker and that's who I thought it was, from another state, that showed up to the Capitol at 4 a.m. saying that he has a chip on his brain and that I was the only one that could remove it."

That case has yet to be resolved.

At Wednesday's hearing, Wilkes stared at Bondi as she described the fear she felt.

Bondi says the defendant sent her text messages expressing his love for her.

"His name came up calling me through Facebook, which no one I know has been able to figure out how he did that, and sending me bizarre messages. I didn't read them," said Bondi.

The judge did not seem to hesitate in his decision to issue the restraining order, demanding Wilkes stay away from Bondi at all times - no exceptions.

Bondi says she never wanted things to go this far but she was scared Wilkes' actions were becoming more aggressive.

"He clearly needs some help and some counseling. I do feel sorry for him but again, I will not be a victim," explained Bondi.

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