Beatles fans worldwide help St. Pete man save house

- A Bay Area man got some help in his time of need from worldwide community of Beatles fans, amongst whom he's worked his entire adult life. He got some help from a few high-profile names from the Beatles legacy, too.

Ken Barker's connection to John, Paul, George and Ringo goes back as far as he can remember.

"I was selling Beatles card in the first grade. It's a natural thing for me," he said.

For him, Beatlemania never ended. He'd grow up to become a Beatles memorabilia dealer, selling rare recordings and items all over the world.

"I had one friend in Japan write me, 'if friends were money, you'd be a millionaire,'" he remembered.

Barker would need those friends when times got tough. He was facing foreclosure on his house. Fees added up and he would need $14,000 to stay. A friend suggested a GoFundMe page, and soon the money would be pouring in.

"One guy from England - no idea, never met him - donated $5. 'I'm happy to help. You're a Beatles guy, which is nice,'" he read from the fundraising page.

Others that donated he did know. In fact, many people might know his supporters.

For example, Nancy Lee Andrews, Ringo's ex fiancé, Ruth McCartney, Paul McCartney's step-sister, and May Ping, John Lennon's ex-girlfriend, all donated to his cause. 

"They were happy to help," Barker said.

He is actually working on a travel documentary with Ruth McCartney.

Meanwhile, sometimes love is all you need. For Barker, he got that, and then some, surpassing his fundraising goal this week.

"It's a big relief. Took me a couple days for it actually to settle in, so I can breathe now," he said.

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