Boa removed from 'problem neighbor's' home

- Barking dogs, puppies, and even a python - all living in 600-square-feet - has neighbors of the mother-in-law suite rental in Seminole Heights at their wits end.

It’s not your typical case of problem neighbors. The county just passed an ordinance on excessive animal noise, but it does not apply in this case.

A Hillsborough County ordinance passed earlier this month that would fine or even jail residents with constantly-barking dogs, but animal control officers who responded to this home explained the ordinance hasn't taken effect yet.

Still, Animal Control and FWC officials were able to bring a bit of peace to this neighborhood Friday.

Neighbor Nicole Cruz recorded video on her phone Thursday of what she deals with on a 24-hour basis.

"There's a difference between barking and constant public nuisance all hours of the day, all hours of the night," she said. “I can no longer come into my backyard because I have a large pit bull hanging out of the window trying to come out of the window.”

Neighbors aren't just annoyed. They're worried about safety. And Cruz isn’t the only one.

"I live a block away and I hear these dogs morning, noon, and night," neighbor Laura Marocki added. "What's keeping the dog from jumping out of the window and cutting themselves on the glass? How can this not be considered neglect?”

But with the rental home mere feet from her backyard, Cruz and her family have a front row seat.

And then there's the snake; a 6-foot boa living in an outdoor tank on a covered porch.

"It smells like urine, it smells like feces, the tank is disgusting. There's no food, there's no water," Cruz said.

Neighbors also say they never see anyone living at the residence and have complained to animal control and code enforcement.

Friday, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers showed up to investigate the snake. Three people came by claiming the tenant is out of town. FWC made them remove the snake.

Animal Control checked on the dogs, found no obvious signs of malnourishment, and said there's little they can do.

“These dogs are hanging out of windows trying to get to the people in the street walking their dogs. These dogs are alone 24/7. Something needs to be done. I don't think it's right to give the benefit of the doubt to people who don't deserve it," Cruz said.

The property owners told FOX 13 News Friday their tenants were not authorized to have multiple dogs and a snake on the property and that a seven-day notice would be served on Monday. They also said the tenants are scheduled to move out in June.

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