Couple, both in their 80s, find love, will wed on Valentine's Day

- Larry and Lorraine have a special kind of love. Larry is 82 years old and Lorraine is 86, and after 18 years of dating, they plan to wed on Valentine's Day.

Their romance is a bit softer and gentler than most; but it’s a romance just as sweet.

“I knew I had a great one there so I thought I’d hang on to her. She is a wonderful person,” said Larry as he held Lorraine’s hand.

Larry remembers the first time he saw Lorraine at a singles dance in Iowa. It took him a while to build up the courage to ask her out, but he finally did, and they have been dancing together ever since.

“We like all the same things,” said Lorraine, “I am a little wild and crazy. I love to dance and he's a little quieter. But, I do think that opposites attract and we are very attracted to each other.”

They knew right away they had found something special, but they had a lot of catching up to do. They had more than six decades of memories to share. So, they spent the last 18 years loving and learning all they could about each other.

“We just get along. I don't think we've ever had an argument, which is unusual,” said Lorraine

It took almost two decades, but Larry finally popped the question last Christmas Eve. And today, on Valentine's Day, they will finally say, “I do” on Honeymoon Island.

“It was wonderful waiting. I knew a long time ago that she was the right person,” said Larry.

Their families knew it too. It was in every glance, every touch, and every word. Larry and Lorraine’s love is an inspiration.

“It's kind of fun from our perspective how they treat each other. They are gentle with each other. It’s silent mentoring,” said Alan, Larry and Lorraine’s son-in-law.

Lorraine’s daughter Denise could not be more excited that her mother found love again.
“A lot of people live their whole life and never find that one true love. My mom has been blessed to find two men that love and adore her and that she loves and adores,” said Denise, “It's a special occasion for us. We all love and adore Larry.”

Now, this sweet couple will spend their golden years together, as husband and wife, knowing, good things come to those who wait..

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