Deputies: Elderly man hit salesman with car, golf club

- Linsey Owens appeared angry and on a mission.  A car salesman -- who asked to be identified only as "Christian" -- recorded video as the 83-year-old Owens allegedly attacked him Wednesday night.

"You just hit me with your car, sir," Christian can be heard saying in the footage.

"You are the stupidest bunch of [expletive] people I've ever seen in my life," Owens replies in the video.

Christian said Owens came to claim a prize from a promotional event being held in the parking lot of the Westfield Sarasota Square Mall.  Owens apparently became angry when he learned he wasn't eligible to receive one of the prizes on the flier.

"They gave him a $5 Walmart gift card and apparently he ripped up the flier and threw the flier and the gift card in the sales rep's face," said Christian.

Deputies said the upset Owens drove his car towards Christian.

"He gunned his car, swerved at me. I had to jump out of the way. He hit me with the side mirror of the vehicle," said Christian.

Christian said Owens then got out of his car and walked to his trunk. He thought Owens was going to pull out a gun, but when he pulled out a golf club he was shocked by what happened next.

"He came out with the golf club, which at first was kind of comical, until he came over and smacked me with it. It wasn't so funny after that," said Christian.

Owens was charged with two counts of aggravated battery.  A Sarasota County judge let him go on supervised release. He's not to have any contact with Christian and he's not allowed to have any weapons.

"If you do have any guns or knives, other than what you cook with, you have to surrender those to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office," the judge warned.

Christian is now back home.  His elbow is bruised and he has a black eye.  He won't be able to sell cars until his face heals, but he is OK.

"I hope the guy gets some anger management and calms down and realizes he is already blessed in life and take it a little easier," Christian added.

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