Drivers release need for speed at Bradenton track

- With several recent cases of illegal street racing ending in tragedy, the community of legal drag racers is spreading the word about ways to satisfy that need for speed.

“It'll do 204, is what the factory says it'll do,” said Nigel Crowe of his 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

He brought all that power to the Bradenton Motorsports Park, where speed is celebrated.

“It’s in a controlled environment and it is cheap. It's $20. You can’t pass it up. You can play around. If something happens you don’t have to worry,” Crowe said.

“We created this environment to keep the streets safer,” said the park’s co-owner Victor Alvarez. “If you want to show off or you want to see how fast your cars is or you want to race people that’s fine. You just got to do it smart."

Thursday nights are considered Test and Tune nights. For a small fee, anyone can hit the track. There is an EMT on site if needed.

“The traffic accidents that have been going on, flat out being stupid on the highways, there’s no reason for it,” said racer Chuck Jackson.

 “It’s hard to be in a fast car and not drive it fast we understand that but this is the place to do it,” said Alvarez.

The Speedway is planning a special event on June 23. They’re calling it STREET HEAT, it happens one Saturday a month and the goal is to get young racers off the streets and onto the track.

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