Evidence released in man's stabbing death

- The horrific murder that occurred at apartment 4 on Sonora Court in Tampa could have come straight out of a horror movie.

Vernesa Wilder and her boyfriend reported the foul odor to the apartment managers.

"There was a weird smell in the hallway. My boyfriend knew about it but I wasn't paying attention because I thought it was a dead rat or something," said Vernesa.

And days later the smell got worse.

"There was a lot of flies you know around the hallway a lot of flies started to fly," explained Vernesa.

Apartment managers called the police and when they went inside apartment 4, they saw the reason why.

They found the decomposing body of 50-year-old Abdirishid Ali.

"You have the father laying there wrapped in a rug with a knife still sticking in his chest just a horrific crime scene," said Defense attorney Anthony Rickman.

Rickman reviewed the new evidence for FOX 13.

And on the walls and doors, chilling messages of hate.

"My dad will die a painful horrible death," also "I will kill him," and the word "die" written hundreds of times on the wall.

Four or five days had passed before the body was found, but detectives knew immediately who to look for and they didn't have took very far.

They found Ali's son, 18-year-old Ismael, in jail. He was already in custody after police arrested him for shoplifting at this Walgreens.

When police questioned Ismael, he told them his father was out of town.

But Wilder told police she remembers hearing a scuffle around the time of the murder.

"Early Saturday morning we heard a struggle like somebody was tumbling or fighting or something. Then it got quiet we didn't hear anything else," explained Wilder.

Court documents show a bloody screwdriver found in the apartment that had dad and son's DNA.

And blood stains on Ali's pants also matched his dad's blood.

"When you look at all the facts in the case this isn't just a homicide this is the acts of a depraved individual," said Rickman.

Ali is being held on $750,000 bond. His arraignment has not been scheduled.

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