Families scramble after school bus routes canceled

- A charter school in northeast Polk County has cut two bus routes, leaving parents scrambling the week before the new school year begins.

"That leaves me with four children that cannot make it to school," Joseline Sanchez told FOX 13. "I don't have transportation. We have one vehicle. [My husband] uses it to go to work at 4 in the morning."

Sanchez says the move affects about 40 kids in Biminy Bay, the townhouse complex where she lives.

Sanchez says she suspects that the Four Corners Charter School stopped transporting the kids in her neighborhood because of a long-running feud that she and other parents have had with the bus driver that picks their kids up.

Sanchez showed FOX 13 a video she took of the driver two years ago going through a stop sign.  She is also upset over other things the driver allegedly does.

"Texting while driving, talking on the phone, saying bad words in front of the kids," Sanchez said. 

The school says cutting the route had nothing to do with the driver. Spokeswoman Colleen Reynolds says two routes were cut to increase efficiency. 

"It was just too far for our bus to accommodate," said Reynolds.

Biminy Bay is little more than four miles from the school.  

A second route was cut because there were not enough kids on it.

If things don't change, the Sanchez and other kids in their complex may have to go to public school. It would be quite an adjustment for them, because they have gone to Four Corners since they began school.

"I have gotten to know the teachers. I have gotten to know the students, and gotten very close with everyone there," said Alondra Medina, one of the Sanchez kids.

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