Florida driver licenses, ID cards get a makeover

- Florida driver licenses and identification cards are getting a fresh look.

Starting in August 2017, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will begin issuing -- in what the agency is describing as -- a more secure, safe, and convenient card.

You’re only required to replace your current driver license or ID card if it is approaching its expiration date or a required change is needed, such as a name or address change.

A New Look: As far as the design goes, it doesn’t get more Florida. The front will include the state seal and an orange “FL” in the background. On the back, there will be an image of the state with ocean waves, and the year 1845 -- the year Florida became the 27th state in the Union. The resident’s portrait will be printed in four locations: three on the front of the card and one in the back.


Fraud Protection: The new design doubles the fraud protection. It includes redundant information, ultraviolet ink and other features -- making it more difficult to duplicate.

Designated Head Colors: This will show the type of license. Those under the age of 21 will have a red box on the front of the card indicating the date until that resident is no longer under 21.

- Blue indicates a commercial driver license
- Green indicates it’s a driver’s license
- Red means it’s an identification card
- Orange means it’s a learner’s license